Mar. 14th, 2013

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- went through all the neotheo function dialogue and neotheo function upgrade dialogue, updating them where appropriate to reflect more recent changes to leda function functionality*
- made the game actually use the three upgrade function scripts i had written but which were previously not used by the game
- wrote an additonal script for shield function level 5
- found and fixed a few typos in the dialogue and adjusted the wording to be clearer (i also did that yesterday with the venus creature dialogue but forgot to mention it)
- added a new way to friend nurikabe and mentioned that way in venus's hint file for nurikabe
- made bait cost memory cells to use again (exploration mode only), but instead of a fixed amount it's a percent value now
- made the creature sound audio quality of the leda's sound function increase in loudness and accuracy as it is upgraded
- made some changes to the camp mode hints system, eliminating the difficulty mode 3 requirement for some squares, and changing the criteria for some other squares; i never liked the idea of hiding content from the player (such as tips) merely because the player is in hard mode, so what instead i may do later is to write alternative hints for different difficulty modes, with more obscure/riddle-like ones for harder modes. that'll have to wait for later though, but i'll put it on the wish list
- added in a few 'finishing' bonuses for reaching the highest level of an upgrade -- e.g. net, shield, etc., giving the player more of a reason to upgrade those fully



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