Apr. 26th, 2013

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- i created the correct 'default' dream area files for the two new faces, and set their names and music and room sizes etc., which i will start work on tomorrow after testing the below sequence

- this is complicated to explain, but basically i made it so that the game correctly creates the right 'face' objects (which are the gateways into dream mode) during the right parts in the ending, and that being successful at those face objects creates the correct progression through the ending; i haven't actually tested it yet but i did the necessary changes to the code and it remains to be tested tomorrow. it's actually more complicated than i'd like, the code for the whole ending sequence is a bit messy. here's the flow chart for the triggers and the results of that trigger for the three central endings to the game, which is most of what i coded today... the rest of this entry is a spoiler, so don't read if you care about that sort of thing

aphrodite is at (-12, -11) when global.hostile is true
aphrodite dies -> create deathaphrodite.txt
aphrodite friended -> create lifeaphrodite.txt and create face3 in (-12, -11)
deathaphrodite.txt -> go to ending splash
dream mode level success at (-12, -11) -> move to room(0, 0) and create either face3 in (0, 0) or lastlife.txt there, depending on terraforming level
dream mode level success at (0, 0) -> create extralife.txt
extralife.txt -> ending splash
lastlife.txt -> ending splash

in english, this basically means that if you kill aphrodite, you don't go through the final two dream mode levels and get one ending. if instead you friend aphrodite, you get a dream mode level to play through, and after you beat that, you are warped to a new room. if the terraforming level was below 100%, you get a second ending and the game ends there. if the terraforming level was high enough, instead you get another dream mode level at 0,0, and if you beat that, you get a third ending.

there are actually a couple of other optional endings to the game; mostly involving the secret areas outside of the lake. i believe there are three optional endings in those places, two of which are planned and one of which is finished (but needs me to set the correct music for that room), but those optional endings don't show you the credits and don't end the central story of the game, they just simply exit the game. so basically the game will have 6 endings, 3 'core' endings and 3 'side' endings, not counting the 'bad' endings when you get absorbed by aphrodite which aren't really endings i guess

anyway, the point is that there's a lot of complicated sequence trigger stuff that i coded today, which was necessary before i could get to actually creating the two dream mode levels i mentioned above


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