Apr. 30th, 2013

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- continued work on aphrodite dream code
- fixed a bug related to the global.hostile variable and dream mode
- finished the first of the two ending dream mode levels*
- eva streamed playing SD today and the few people who watched gave me useful advice about what to improve in the intro


i didn't get all the tasks done in april that i wanted to, but i'm happy with it overall, because the harder/bigger tasks that i had planned for april are either done or almost done. may is going to be an important month; i want to begin beta testing in may, so i'll be focusing on those tasks which absolutely need to be done before beta testing.

i can see the path to completion pretty clearly. it's very nice to think about the number of tasks this way: when i started with the task number system almost exactly two years ago in april of 2011, it had 840 tasks on it. at that point, the game was about two-thirds done, and the 840 tasks represented the work needed to finish the final third of the game (not a small amount of work). over the last two years, 791 of those 840 tasks are completed! that's more than 19/20ths. so basically i "see the light at the end of the tunnel"


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