May. 16th, 2013

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- now that the skill tree visualization was done, i started on finishing up the remaining godstatue powers that make up that skilltree; there are 100 powers in all, 50 for exploration mode and 50 for dream mode, each point on the skill tree is one ability for each mode. prior to today, 75 of those were coded, and 25 remained. i got 15 of those remaining 25 coded today, so there's 10 left before i can call this another completed task; i most likely will be able to finish up those 10 tomorrow.
- i also changed and improved some of the older godstatue powers today, and fixed a few bugs in some of them. some powers were just too boring so i changed them to something more interesting
- i started implementing the lake limit (the game's time limit) system today. this is a future task that i'm getting a jump start on, but i started on it because several godstatue powers have to do with that system. i'm unsure about whether to apply this system to all game modes or not. i feel that no matter how long a player has, some players will feel pressured by having a total time limit that they have to complete the game in (for example, pikmin, fallout 1, and sword of jade had a similar system). but i personally like time limits like that, because they add a level of tension to a game, particularly in games where you could explore forever unless you have some driving force pushing you on. and it goes with the game's story, too. so i think i'll make it for all difficulty levels, but just give a very generous limit to the easiest difficulty level.
- and fixed a bug in the text width with the smaller font.
- added the time countdown limit display to the quitting menu
- added a few more random quitting messages (to make mention of the time limit and somewhat explain it to the player)

overall today was very productive -- even though i didn't finish any tasks, i made good progress towards finishing one task and started on another. i'm looking forward to each new day of work on SD even more than usual.


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