Jun. 20th, 2013

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- made new borderbox for portraits and background images; tested it for textboxes but didn't like it / doesn't work with the morphing in thing, so i'll restrict it to those (and perhaps save slots, which i'll try later). this complaints the portrait box task*
- tried out some installer scripting programs and some IDEs wizards until i settled on using NSIS with zip2exe for efficiency purposes. created a test installer of SD and it installed fine (the game's installer for the full version is 360mb, which is big but smaller than i had feared). this is part of the 'create installer for the full version and demo' task, so part of that is done, but i still need to create a system so that the game's demo can work without having all of the music/sound and worldmap files and so on (to make the demo smaller). basically i need to code it so that if a file doesn't exist, and the game tries to load it, the game doesn't break; after i do that and create a test installer for the demo this task will be done too

i think i'm too much of a perfectionist for this do a little bit of work on every task idea to work; i keep focusing just on one thing at once. but i will try it again tomorrow.



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