Jun. 21st, 2013

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- created a separate demo folder for the game for the files to be packaged with the demo (since i'm going to make that smaller than the full game i need to have a testing area for that task)
- wrote a program that goes through all the level files and removes the ones that aren't in the demo; this is really the best way to do it due to there being so many levels, and the program was only about 100 lines long
- ran the program in that demo area to remove the non-used levels from the demo
- also removed the water texture models that aren't going to be used in the demo and changed the code to recognize that
- added a check for a sound/music/soundscape file existing first before loading it
- moved the research notes to do list to its own file, added to it, and wrote one additional research note file
- went into the game and edited the left side of the worldmap's levels to have ice borders (about 6 rooms)
- made a more specific list of what the particle task will entail
- found a program to spellcheck hundreds of text files, and put the SD dialogue files through it, and i corrected the 71 spelling and other errors that it found (which isn't very much considering it's about 300 pages of text and hadn't been proofread at all yet); this was the part of the day's work that took the longest (aside from writing the program mentioned above) and is a good start towards the second draft of the game's script. there may still be grammar errors though, and that will require a lot of proofreading, because computer grammar checking is next to useless

did a little bit of a bunch of tasks today, was enjoyable, i feel like a lot of progress is being made. i'll continue this method for about a week, until the end of june. of all the tasks i worked on today, the closest to being complete is the installer/demo task, i just need to do another few hours of work on that one and it'll probably be done, so i may attempt to finish that task tomorrow


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