Aug. 20th, 2013

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- finished the last three research notes scripts, finishing this task!*
- added a feature where the creatures in an area color their venus menu icon in camp mode, for ease of finding a clue about nearby creatures
- fixed several more bugs, bringing the bug list down to 52
- i forgot to mention this i think, but several days ago i visualized the godstatue power progress (the 0/6 to 6/6 thing). i still need to test it with teleport trees and add that visual progress to the camp mode menu or tab menu however, and make it slightly more visually appealing. this is a wishlist / pandara-ra task rather than a normal task, but i think it improves the game a lot.


this task took longer than i expected. however i did take a break from it to do about half of the remaining bug list task. my next four tasks are kind of interconnected, i want to work on them all at once. each day i'll continue my pre-playthrough a bit, fix some bugs, place some dream mode obstacles, and if i come across mammoths work on mammoth escalations. so i'll basically be doing four tasks at once, and i hope to finish the four of them preferably by the end of the month or very near to the start of the next month.


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