Sep. 15th, 2013

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- went through half of pandara-ra's 20 page playtesting report and did most of the small changes that would be easy to change. i should have done this earlier but my policy is to "eat the bigger frog first" generally. but today the bigger frog meant eating a lot of small tadpoles i guess (yuck, this analogy is dum). anyway, most notably:

* i made the game require a click to change 'sound' abilities, for more precise control over when you are switching abilities so you don't lose ones you want
* i made the feni's net come out of itself / spawn and move forward at a set speed rather than appear in random areas on the screen. this is actually the previous way it worked, but i had changed it to make it more challenging, but it was a bit too challenging and made less sense, so i reverted to something similar to the old way. i also made the nets slightly more visible (but i may need to increase their visibility some more too)
* i made the lake limit timer not count down during the quitting screen or menus (camp mode menu and map menu), but still count down during dialogue
* made some changes to make it easier to friend kobu and sababoo, and made evobatari not rush the player so fast



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