Nov. 29th, 2013

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so sorry for the lack of updates. basically i'm working on the game every day, but only feel motivated to update this when i make significant progress or finish a task. anyway, i finished the sound task. that's one more whole number task over with.


i'm not quite sure which task i'll tackle next, but i like to go after the remaining tasks in order of hardest to easiest, and probably the biggest task that can be completed next is the editing the second draft of the game's dialogue, which is composed of several parts: improving the writing, to clarifying information / fixing inconsistencies, adding "tone" symbols in textboxes (such as shaking the textbox, delays/hesitations, etc.), adding side conversations using the @ symbol when certain characters are in the party, and making a list of important story scenes that could be improved with illustrations.

this task is very big, though; there is about 300-350 pages of dialogue for the game. so reading through it and editing it all isn't something that can be done in a few days. but it's something i have to do, and it's probably task i've been putting off for too long, so i think i'll do that task next.
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i went through all of the game's dialogue files and organized them, and renamed many of them for organization purposes. here is the breakdown of the game's dialogue files, by category, in order of most text (per category) to least. things after the "//" symbols are my comments about special things i need to change in them.

[camp mode]
 mercedes camp mode (includes memories set and dearvenus set): 46.9kb [arbitrary order]
 spare camp mode: 40.0kb // combine and add new gameplay elements where needed [arbitrary order]
 neotheo camp mode: 34.0kb // update [arbitrary order]
 ikks camp mode: 29.6kb // update, add new gameplay elements, combine some old ones [arbitrary order]
 venus camp mode: 23.9kb // update, perhaps expand a bit with sidestories to even up the dialogue [arbitrary order]

[story events]
 [intro stuff, up to finding venus] thelaunch group, encounter, recovery, venusdream, venusjoin, venusjoinb, soundchain, theointro, tracking: 15.8kb [specific order]
 [core A endings] absorbed group, deathaphrodite, extralife, deathaphrodite, halffriended, halfhurt, lastlife, takecontrol: 14.4kb [specific order but with branching]
 [alternate ending B] htfc: 13.5kb // hidden town [arbitrary order within that "town"]
 [finding neotheo event] neotheo1, neotheo1b, neotheo2, neotheo3, nearneotheo: 7.3kb [specific order]
 [alternate ending C] escape, escapetheo: 3.9kb [specific order]
 [alternate ending D] getaend: 3.9kb [specific order / single script]
 [duck blind & hostile mode stuff] mercedesduckblind, return, hostiledeath, hostilemammoth, nothere: 3.2kb [specific order with optional elements]
 [finding spare event] sparemoment: 3.1kb [specific order / single script]
 [finding ikks and jewel event] followingikks, jewelrises: 2.8kb [specific order]
 prologue: 1.5kb [specific order / single script]

[system scripts, parallel story progress]
 teleport: 59.8kb [specific order]
 research: 30.6kb [specific order]
 theo: 24.5kb // shmup-dream mode dialogue [arbitrary order]
 first encounters: 21.8 [arbitrary order]
 alpharepo robots: 20.5kb [arbitrary order]
 explorescript: 17.7kb [specific order]
 terrascript: 14.2kb [specific order]
 entrances: 9.1kb [arbitrary order]
 limit: 8.7kb // lake limit, includes alternate ending E [specific order]
 commtower: 7kb [specific order]
 quickstart, debughelp, editorhelp, help, credits: 6.8kb [gameplay help stuff]
 tut group, memorycells, whatsthat, grabbed1, grabbed2: 6.5kb // tutorials [gameplay help stuff]
 ares group, aresaphrodite, aresfriended: 5.8kb [specific order]
 boss: 4.5kb [arbitrary order]
 demoexpire: 2.1kb [specific order / single script]
 death scripts: 0.8kb // possibly add alternatives for theo [flavor, used randomly during game overs]


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