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i'm sorry i haven't been updating this regularly recently; i was having some dizziness problems, and then feeling as if i needed to try a vacation from updating each day to see how it affected my work. i've been continuing to do various parts of the sound task, but to my dismay i'm not done with it yet. i've been working on some more things from pandara-ra's big list of suggestions in order to prepare the game for his second cycle, which i'm looking forward to.

to recompense, and as an experiment, i'll be updating this journal *twice* a day in november, i wonder if working on the game at least every 12 hours instead of at least every 24 will work better. this is november 1's first entry; i'll make two entries on november 1, two on november 2, and so on.

during the first 12 hours of nov 1, i did a bunch of small things from the big SD suggestions list of pandara-ra. for example, making podo jump sounds not all play at the same time. i also discussed some ideas for the game with him; he had an idea to make a button to click to initiate a ship upgrade rather than to just let it happen automatically, and an idea abotu the peaceful state change of the lake for the water texture (although that idea is still unclear in specifics). i intend to try to implement those before sending him the game tonight.
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