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i'm going to report on non-editing game changes as i do them here, my main focus right now is on editing but when i make changes to the game's code/features i will report them here as per normal

- a week or so ago i added a long-requested feature by my playtester: the music now turns itself off when the game window isn't in focus. still requires some testing but it seems to work. this actually required tracking down a dll because game maker doesn't have the ability to test for this itself (at least in gm7/8; gm studio apparently has this feature now).
- today i changed the ares scripts so that they appear every third ares appearance rather than being spaced more widely apart. i also made it so that ares cannot be friended until all of them happen. and i made ares appear faster during hostile mode. this makes it much more likely that these scripts will actually be seen by the player.
- fixed an error in roar hotspot locations which put aphrodite's "roar" sound in the wrong place
- i wrote some extra details into the ares script as planned during the revision process
- fixed an error that was causing some of the ares scripts to not appear in the game at all; no wonder pandara-ra didn't see them
- coded a system for the new aphrodite-venus dream scripts that i have planned, and started writing one of them; they will appear after a purity stone is destroyed, but only once per room

giving myself three decimal / subtasks today, one for the aphrodite-venus code, another for the sound fade when the window isn't focused, and a third for the changes to the ares code/scripts

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