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- finished title screen background suggestion/redo/polishing
- continued to work on sound task

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- made good progress on the sound task
- got sidetracked by a nice title screen suggestion, and spent way more time on it than i should have (staying up to like 4am working on it), made progress with that suggestion too
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- continued working on sound effects; still making steady progress
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- gave all of the ship functions and ship charge attacks in dream mode a sound effect, but they still require testing / modifying for volume to ensure that none of them are too obtrusive or annoying
- went through a lot of the sound effect code and removed sounds that aren't being used, and gave sounds to things that require sounds but didn't have sounds assigned, and fixed a few typos that meant that certain sounds were not being played or loaded correctly

still on track to finish the sound task on time
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- added a shaking screen effect to the roar, to both make it more obvious that there *is* a roar playing (sometimes it just sounds like weird unknown background noise), and to give it a direction so the player knows where the roar is coming from
- added a shepard's tone (look it up if curious) to entering dream mode, to give a clearer audio queue that the player is entering it, instead of relying just on the visual que

these were both part of the sound task; on track to finish it in my target time
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- added the suggestion to make teleport trees require unlocking w/ memory cells, along with a visual effect for them. tested it and it works pretty well, but the formula for memory cell value will still need to be adjusted in the next cycle / playtesting of course

next is the sound task (another whole-number task), which as several parts but is partially complete already. i am going to try to finish up the sound task within the next four to five days.

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- finished the last three functions in the function suggestions.

next i'll try the teleport tree buying system idea

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- came up with ideas for how to improve the remaining 3 functions but didn't code them yet (was still recovering from dizziness)
- talked to pandara-ra for an extended period; he went over all the changes to function upgrades and skills and gave his comments (he said overall it was much better), and we had an idea to make teleport trees cost memory cells to unlock, i will add that to the game and see how it feels for his next cycle
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- this day i felt pretty dizzy (unknown cause but i have suspicions) so i wasn't able to do much; i did fix a few bugs and change how the lightline dream mode shmup weapon function is drawn however
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- 3 function suggestions done, 3 more remain

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- finished 4 of the 10 function upgrade improvements. mainly focusing on making the less useful shmup mode functions more useful as they're upgraded to higher levels, with certain threshold points that can make big differences rather than a linear scaling system as before

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- finished the damage stuff and the description stuff, and moved some functionality around where it made sense. made good progress. i may be able to finish these suggestions by the day after tomorrow (it'd count as 10 suggestions, or 0.1 tasks, due to the 10 functions involved)
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- continued working on function suggestion stuff; made good progress
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- started working on the new descriptions for the function upgrades (updating a few)
- fixed a bug in background darkening for function upgrades
- fixed a bug where the sword function wouldn't give the player an extra heart the way all the other functions do when first acquired
- started working on a function to calculate the damage the functions would do in dream mode from outside of dream mode, to be used on the upgrade screen to show damage changing amount for potential upgrades; mostly done with this function
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- redid the final skill tree changes branch based on the pandara-ra suggestions, and some of my own new ideas. these skill tree changes went faster than i expected and they worked out better than i expected.

next to do the function upgrade suggestions stuff. i want to give the player more reason to upgrade their ship functions, as well as more details about what their upgrades do, because right now there is very little reason to upgrade some of the ship functions, and even when there is reason the player doesn't know what that reason is

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- did two of the skilltree branches; one more remains. i'm pretty happy with how the skilltree is turning out, pandara-ra's advice was invaluable for making the skilltree more interesting and varied

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- made changes to 5 more branches of the skill tree. 3 more remain

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- did the skilltree changes to two of the 10 branches, and outlined more clearly the changes to the remaining 8 (so the rest should go faster than 2/day)

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- went through the list of skills (godstatue powers) and pandara-ra's notes on each, and made my own outline of what i want to change before i consider his suggestions accomplished (which i'll count as 10 suggestions, one for each branch of the skill tree). i should get a good chunk of those done tomorrow
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- added a quit button to the camp menu to enter the quit screen
- disabled pressing escape to exit the game
- added the three options of return to game, go to title screen, and exit to windows on the 'quit' screen, and improved the quit screen visuals

next i'll be doing changes to the skills of the skilltree, and after that adding ship function upgrade details and making the function upgrades more interesting / useful; both were major parts of pandara-ra's playtesting report



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