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rinku: (pic#11347809) (Default)
  • pic#11347809
rinku: (airship, tag:heroists)
  • airship,
  • tag:heroists
Comment: Made by norwegian_wood, based on the Teddy Ruxpin TV show. Used when I talk about a better world/future.
rinku: (tag:intellectual property, linkfairy)
  • linkfairy,
  • tag:intellectual property
Comment: Drawn by komera for our fangame zelda: doujingeemu. she uses this purplish background a lot. used for IP topics.
rinku: (rell)
  • rell
Comment: Drawn by Komera as a "doujinshii" inclusion in our game wingedmene part one.
rinku: (tag:ergintandal, raft & thentagast)
  • raft & thentagast,
  • tag:ergintandal
Comment: Drawn by Charbile. Part of the cast of a game I never finished but will. Used for entries about Ergintandal
rinku: (choose one, tag:ethics)
  • choose one,
  • tag:ethics
Comment: from the first nes zelda game. used for ethics.
rinku: (ampersand, tag:question)
  • ampersand,
  • tag:question
Comment: a fanart of ampersand from my game and&. the fanart was drawn by melnazar i believe. Used for asking questions.
rinku: (tag:eloquent, voltron force meeting)
  • tag:eloquent,
  • voltron force meeting
Comment: a screenshot from the voltron cartoon series. edited by rinku. used for plans & predictions.
rinku: (tag:funny, pancake on bunny)
  • pancake on bunny,
  • tag:funny
Comment: a famous bunny named Oolong with a pancake on his head. from japan. used for funny things.
rinku: (unicorn rescued)
  • unicorn rescued
Comment: an edited-by-rinku screenshot from the last unicorn movie. used for accomplishment.
rinku: (rinku dictionary, tag:writing)
  • rinku dictionary,
  • tag:writing
Comment: a rinku dictionary. icon edited/fixed by norwegian_wood. original idea by japoo. used for lexical/semantical stuff.
rinku: (cao cao)
  • cao cao
Comment: from capcom's destiny of an emperor 2, the portrait of cao cao, the great conqueror. default picture. used for ambition.
rinku: (cao cao cao cao cao cao cao cao)
  • cao cao cao cao cao cao cao cao
rinku: (sima yi, tag:meta lj)
  • sima yi,
  • tag:meta lj
Comment: One of the greatest strategists from Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Image by Koei. Used for entries about my LiveJournal
rinku: (tag:economics, greedy)
  • greedy,
  • tag:economics
Comment: Link being greedy. Used for economics.