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Name:Paul Eres
Birthdate:Sep 29
Location:Paterson, New Jersey, United States of America
I'm an independent game developer; among other games I made Immortal Defense, a story-based tower defense game.

This is my personal journal. You should also check out my game design blog, which probably has more interesting content if you're into games. You can also subscribe to it here on LJ at rinkublog.


"When I wake up in the morning and check with my cup of green tea, I also have Rinku's journal up in another window! I'm an airhead, but if I pay attention closely, Rinku's journal is an amazing teacher. He's cool himself too, methinks! Rock on, Rinku." ~cinnamon_squire

"I occasionally search on lj for people who have interesting things to say.This one journal by Rinku is wondeful. I have learned a lot from reading what this gentlemen has to say. A lot.I can always follow his lines of thinking which bolsters my own ego a bit in that I can at least get it. My awe comes in his ability to organize and CREATE these great arguments and ideas.Strange to me is that this person appears to have little life experience.I could be wrong but assuming he doesn't. There's only so much you can learn about life from reading.Right?...." ~humblelaughter

"Cast a cold eye/ On life, on death/ Horseman, pass by!" -WB Yeats -- Definitely one of the few journals that embodies Yeats' epitaph to the letter, and as such, worth not passing by. Not that anyone's on a horse while reading the journal. Though if they are, they really should pass by and stop trying to use the internet while riding a horse. Because that's just plain stupid, and someone could get hurt. ~kesil

"I've seen Rinku be brilliant, I've seen him be wrong, I've seen him be funny, I've seen him be flat-out weird. I've seen Rinku be just about everything, but there are three exceptions that make his journal rank among the best LJs I have encountered: I have never seen him be superficial, thoughtless, or boring." ~theslink

"stimulating, thought provoking entries which make me feel shallow and insignificant in comparison...rinku's journal is one to add." ~norwegian_wood

"Rinku's journal is full of sound and fury, signifying much" ~jsangspar

"If you happen to like Rinku, you'll want to read his LJ. If you happen to dislike Rinku, you'll want to read his LJ. That's just how it works." ~fortis

"Rinku's livejournal is probably the most intelligent and stimulating livejournal I have seen. It is one of the few reasons I still bother reading my LJ friends list: unlike most people I know, who post their latest drama fest, Rinku posts intelligent intellectual discourse, and, unlike the other few intellectuals on my friends list, generally posts discourse I agree with. I can safely say that rinku is the most intelligent person I know on livejournal, and discussing and debating said intellectual issues with him provides much stimulation and entertainment. On occasion he posts ideas which are simply false (ie: post about surrealist torture camps), or which seem bizarre and about which I refuse to pass any judgement until actual data is presented (mixed race supremacy), but the vast majority of his ideas are brilliant. I am especially fond of his "majesty of rights" political system, which as a general idea, could be very beneficial. I highly recommend Rinku's Livejournal to any intellectual who wishes for intellectual inspiration in rising above the filth of the cultural massmind and escaping the flawed idiocies of too much of today's world and culture and ideologies." ~ubermensch

"Rinku can not be described in words, but I will attempt to explain how I have come to think of him. Rinku is an enigma. To know Rinku you must think like Rinku, but in order to think like Rinku you must know Rinku. All of this sounds like jibberish, but if you come to understand him over the course of several years you will see that it is true. His entries are filled with heroism, individualism, optimism, enthusiasm, and a certain calm understanding underlying his very being... and a witty humor, although he will deny it. Rinku will challenge your notions and destroy your stagnant ideas. This may be disconcerting for a time, until you realize a year or two later that he was right all along. Rinku has an amazing network of friends who, I am convinced, are able to raise the world. You may dismiss all of the above as the loving adorations of "Rinku's #1 fan girl", but, as anyone who has encountered my wrath will attest to, it is very difficult to earn my respect and nearly impossible to earn my trust. Rinku has earned and paid for it many times over during the seven years I've known him, and it is with sincerity and great solemness that I consider him my best friend and my favorite person in the world (besides myself, of course). :-P My life is immeasurably better just by knowing that Rinku exists. Keep on shining." ~newedition

"After reading Rinku's LJ entries, I saved 10% on car insurance." ~longetech

"Rinku's journal makes me feel like the unintelligent spewer of nincompoopery which I try so hard not to be. Some days it is uplifting, others, crushing to my ego and my opinion of my own selfish affairs. Write on Rinku, people like me need people like you to knock us down a notch, even if it is in our own minds. Haha, was that good enough to make your profile?" ~rebukes

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