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[note from 2003: this story was most probably written in 1986, but the date is unknown. i've chosen to post it on my birthday of that year. it's an 83 page story and without most of the pictures it will probably be confusing (actually, it's confusing even with the pictures). i didn't write it all in one day, but i chose to post it all in one day. my guess is that every 'to be continued' means i stopped for that day and started again the next day. thanks for reading this, and good luck in understanding it. spelling mistakes are retained just they way they appear in the original hand-written notebook. page numbers are also retained.]



one day, In the city of N.Y. Leeroy dropet his Lighter and went for a walk, Later a baby found the Lighter He ran of with it. the baby took it to a castle But the baby wasn't a baby. It was a Bad Man. He Made a forest fire with it. the forest fire grew. the Bad Man dident know that they was some Magic ground

in the forset. And when the fire got to the Magic ground, It made a way from the Monstrer land to the earth. and 00's of Monsers came out. thay killed all the trees and plants.
To Be Contenued

Part 2!
the monseres came to N.Y. the Monseres are powerful, they can smach the white House with a hand. Soon thay were in newspapers. when Leeroy got the news, He went to His friend for help. His friend was a scientist and He gave Leeroy a Ice cream bomb. It fires out Icecream and the Icecream is bad for the monsters when the monsters eat It thay die!

He cilled some Monsters, But He didn't cill them all. one Monster Didn't eat the Ice cream. the Next day the monsters cut in half than they woke up and the half of the Monsters turned into littel monsers. they came to N.K. city and they were...
to be conitenued!

Part 3!!!
...afied. help! thay said! the little monsters killed the N.K.'s But one person got away and went to N.Y. He said to the newspaper man that the monsters are killing the N.K.'s so when Leeroy got the news he got his Ice cream bomb and tryed to find the monsters But He didn't fin them thay are invesubull!
To Be CON.

Part 4!
So he went to his friend when it got to His friend said there is a way of the monsters coming here in the forst there is a magic ground! If fire goes on it there will be a way for the monster land to the earth. Oh! NO! what is wrong sir? I dropet my lighter

and went for a walk later. I came back and the lihgter was gone. nn! a Bad Man Must have it!!! and made a forest fire. I saw a man go to the forest with a lighter! the color was red! OH! NO! I droped a red lighter! So I must have freed the Monsers
To Be CON.

Part 5!
I have some majck powder when you put It on the monsters you can see them. But there moutue is to samll. hmmmm. that is a hard thing to do here is a lasar Gun. You just aim this and press this button and then it will fire a Lasar.

Leeroy hunted down the monsters (remember Leeroy did not kill alll the big monster with the Ice cream bomb?) He shout the monsters but it Did not work. He got His Ice cream bomb and it Did not work too!
to Be con.

part 6!
so he went to His friend agane for help He freind said you need a superzooka It is in the furce. here is a trove in the furcre pellet. just eat it and get the super zooka. and then say "Hiknikom" and Be back here.

How Do I get the pellets? a hambuger monster put it in a tempull. a lont time ago. the tempull is in the city of P.Z. in the sreet 88.7. in the door that says 88.7's tempull" go in and go thorhoe the frames and Lock's and poortles. and in the other side is away out..

there is a super pellet in there eat the (F) and save the (P)
(P is presant)
(F is for fuecure)
It is 1999 NOW when you eat the (F) you will be in 3085
to be contenued

Part 7
When Leeroy arrived He meet ding, and, dong they told him a clue to the superzookas hideing place. "go where the water-falls. Leeroy thote that the water falls at the waterfall. so He found a map and went to the water fall. there he saw a Door. and it was locked. He has to find the key. then a monster came holding a key. (remember the monster that he did not kill small with his Ice creme bobb this was one of them.) Leeroy got his Ice cream bomb and turned it into two monster and Leeroy got the key to open the Door Leeroy opened the Door.

In side the Door was a pretty garden. and Leroy went inside the Door. but the Door Did not let him the Door was alive! then I will break you Down if you dont let me in Leeroy said. then he open the Door again and the place changed to a spiders house! and a spider ran to Leeroy and said to find the superzooka. you must find a brokein key to open a secret door. then he found a piono and ther was a monster inside so I play the piono and came out and a broke a key the door opened. and I went inside. the monster closed and lock the Door and I was traped. (to be contenued...)

Part 8
I was inside Locked in and noway out. then I saw a tunnel and it was a maze I found a map of th etunnel and it Looked like this. I went to the end of the tunnel and I saw a door I went in the Door and there was the garden agian this time I ran to it and went in the garden there I saw a house and went in it. a person said to him a tock and what a tick said leeroy that is right took in the atick, Look in the a tick thowt Leeroy that Does not make senes.

I get it now the atick! He went to the atick. and in the atick was the super zooka! then he ate the (P) and he was back to year 1999 and there he starred to get the monsters. and he shooted the SUPER ZOOKA!....

...and the monsser turned into 11 cicles, and the cicles made a cicle. And in side was a cicle man! and he looklik this
to be contenued

part 9 !!!!!
the circle monster spun and spun to a black hole. and went inside it. and he was back in the temple. But it was the temple a long time a go it was befor the hamberger monster was ther! suddinle, the hamberger monser came. and put a (PA) pellit in the temple and Leeroy ate the (PA). and was in the past! But the hamber monster came to!
to be con.

part 10!!
when he arrived He came to cave men "Oga oge ip" said the cave men he looep in his cave man conlate and it ment follow me sir" and he followed it. and he came to a catlecave and he went in side it and his frieds mother was there! and the friend mother could talk inglice! and said "Hello my name is scintestsy and I have sent my black hole for you and to tell you that this is only part of the super zooka. you need the other part this is 1889!

here is the other part. if you can get the drogon you can have this. the dragon is the one who made the magic groud! the super zooka only works wern you have Both parts if you have only one you only get the thing to turn into a circle! you can only get him if you have Both parts of the super zooka.

so he went to the drgon and shot the drgon. the drgon turned smaller and smeller and smeller in till he disapird! and then the queen gave him a super zooka fulley charged! and went to try to get back home but how and the calstle was breaking!
to be contenued.

part 11!
the walls were calepsing and the ster canons fired this could only be the hamberger monster! but the monster was biger the thing was human gus it was 3,000,000 times biger than the white house it was crazy! it had sharp thing sting out of its head! But then it got sucked up in the sun!

and the sun was black and the sun in 1999 was black to! and the earth froze to an ice block! and a mach blow to a forest! and the forst came on fire. the wole earth was back to normle and the forst came up and up intill it was a new sun! and he got back to 1999!
to be contenued.

part 12
he landed in his house! and it was 12:00 minnight! at the year 2000

But when he got Back the eath was full of circle mosters. then the sun came and a tree droped from the sun and then a circle monster came to a head and all the circle monsters amde a Giant.
to be couned.

part 13
He shot his super zooka at it and it didnt even titcle him. then he went to his friend. and. his friend told Him there is 1/1,000,000 of a chach to get him. you must put him back in the monster wouluud

they looked in his brine. it was a litning so we had to hit him with lightning they fixed the super zooka to fire lightning but they need a few things
to be contenued.

Leeroy need to get some litghtning in a cup. so he got a cup and went out in a rain storm with his friend and got a lightning stork and put it in a cup.

now he they must get a stone sound and they manged to get some stone sounds and they wont the wrong way to the unknown place
to be contenued.

part 15
they came to the unknown place it was called R.O.C.K. (Rocks on comeing kicking) it was very strange and rocks came kicking small rocks the rock kicking was called mang! the mang came coming and on and on the mang did not want them they wanted to go to there king!

the king was a bolwder! and came stomping Leeroy and his frind came to the King. they said, "hellow". "who are you?" asked the king. I am Leeroy and this is my friend (scintestoo.) men take Leeroy to the dungun. and take scintestoo to work. making salt water to turn us in to gold! and then we can take over the woluod!
to be contenued.

But accideintey the groud droged his key on the flour and scintestey put it in the salt water and the key went to Leeroy and opened the lock!

then Leeroy got out. But then the boobe traps came the celing was coming down. and the floor was going up!. the celing has shapr things on it now! and the door was stuck! and now the walls were calpcing and the rocks was kicking up rocks!
to be contenueud.

part 17
But suddily the wall was gone Leeroy ran out but out was back in the room ware the king was sleeping! and Leeroy ran out of that room. and came to scintestoos room.

Leeroy and scientestoo ran out of unknown pacle and then they ran out of the cave and fixed the superzooka to a lightning sound thower! and then he got the circle man with hit and it turned in to a crazy dot and it jumped up and down and then Leeroy cauet the dot with his Ice cream bomb! and all the monsters was gon thogt Leeroy (not all! the big monsters remember?)
to be contenued?

part 18!
and the monsters turned into a gighent as big as 2,000,00 SUN'S!

Leeroy get his Ice cream bomb, Lazer super zooka, and lightning thorer! and shot all them at it and it only made it biger and stronger! Ha Ha
to be con't.

part 19!
the arm was thorwing heads but Leeroy and scientestoo Got big with scientestoo's drink! and they shot Lazer and lightning thorwr

but It did not WorkWORK! haha ha, ha, ha ha
to be con't

part 20
help, where in an ice cage. ha!

then there was a fire! and melted the Ice cage. but the heads cept on coming. now the heads was flying! and spiting things out!
to be contenued......

part 21
the heads were multupling!

soon the whole N.Y. continant was full of them then the N.K. and P.H. *but the P.H. had one big one)
to be con't

part 22
soon only four planets was not full they were: 747, Hello, Hi, Pluto, and sneeze

to be contenued

part 23
In year 2001 they Decided to make a scrare trap and they made a four arrows. on each corner and put the earth in side it! and they truned it on! the earth had only one monster in it and it was in p.h. then they did that to all the other planets but all the plannets had one monster in them

then all the plannets got in the shape of a C cee and lines came out and made a poison gas!
to be contenued

part 24
But the poisen Gas Did not get all of the plantes! there was one that cept from the poisn gas, and its name is "sneeze". then Leeroy and his freind put on Gas macks, and went on a space ship to the plantet sneeze

when Leeroy and his friend arrived at the planet sneeze he got his Ice cream Bomb and shot at the heads. and his friend was working on a new gun for Leeroy to get the them. (meanwhile the Bad man was working on a plan to join forses withe the monsters!)
to be contenued.

part 25
on sneeze the heads ateckt Leeroy, and he shot them with his Ice cream bomb and the heads turn in to monster marbles. the Bad man was with a monster and the monster let the Bad man in the monster team. mean while on earth the poizen gas was turning the

peple into monster! But one man got away and went to seenze and brang a monster trap to sneeze he found Leeroy and told Leeroy he wanted to help him. and he gave him a monster trap and cout all monsters on the planet sneeze. meanwhile scinetistoo had finished macking the Gun!
to be contenued

part 26
scinetestoo gave Leeroy the gun the man said my name is mark I want to help you get the monsters. can I? Leeroy said he can help. meanwhile the bad man took some magic pills and turned into a monster! Leeroy, mark, and scinetestoo went to the planet "Hi" and shot all the heads with the gun.

then the giant monster came to the planet Hi and the monster turnd small and went in the plantet then the Leeroy, mark, and scintestoo landed on the planet Hi and got all the heads. But he Did not get the Big monster.
to be con.'t.

part 27
then Leeroy, Mark, and scinetestoo made a name for their team it the name was monster machers. than they went in the space ship and went to another plante and found a magic hat and Leeroy put the hat on and then he had magic powers!

Leeroy and the hat. the magic hat made him see good. the monster mashers went to lot of planets and got all the monsters then he went to earth but remeder most of the pepole were monsters.
to be con.

part 28
But on the way to earth he was hit in a meor shower and crashed into a meetor. and landid on earth, But he landid under the water! and atack fish atacked him. and the fish sweateft him in the under wolud back in the unknown place and went in the kings room the king was still asleep

but the king was gold and he was going to take over the world tomarn! suddeny the king woke up and called his gards! and he put them in the dungon and seled them in with hot melted gold, silber, and copper.
to be contenued.

thay were all in a jail then a rock droped and flipet a stone that looked like a key into the cage and Leeroy opened the lack with the stones and freeed his friend and mark too!

and ran out of the dungun But at the Door they got in a trap and flipet into another cage and the cage was made of gold. and thiir was a fire by the cage.
to be contenued

part 30
the cage was melting with the fire and the monster mashers got out of the cage. and got in a magic Door and the magic Door took them to Leeroys house. and then got the monsters and the monster turned in to marbles.

Bad man is atacking. then suddly the Bad man atacked. (remeder the bad man turend into a monster) and Leeroy shot him But it Did not work
to be con.'t.

Part 31
then He used His Lazer. then the Bad man ran away. then Leeroy and the rest of the team got all the heads in N.K., NY. now I have to go P.H.

then they went to P.H. and firde the Ice-cream BomB and It turned him smaller. then Leeroy shot him with his Lazer. and he Died. (But remember the Big Monster?)
to be contenued

Part 32
ha, ha, ha Leeroy, scientestoo, and mark shot the big monster but it did not work.

then the monster mashers ran Home to Think of a plan. The monster marbles followed them and when they went in leeroys house the marbles Locked the Door from the out side
to be con.'t

Part 33
then Leeroy said I know another way out, The side Door. they went to the side Door and it was closed too. Leeroy said I know anothe way out the atic. They went there and that

Door was closed too lets try the garbage schoot that was open now they got thier plan and went out the garbage shot. and they landed in the garbage can. But suddy the garbage can turned to a monster
to be contenued

Part 34
and the garbage monster ate Leeroy, scinetestoo, and mark and they went to the land to stink.

then they fell in stink land and it was like a Junk yard. and all the monsters made of garbage ataccket, and Leeroy shoot them and it only made the Bigger.
to be contenued

part 35
But then they saw a vine over the monster and into a Door. so they climed the vine. and went in the Door. But the Door was to the ocean and they were on an island.

when they got to the island, they starred to explore they found a map and went int the middle of the island and in the middle was the king bolder from the unknown place and he was still gold
to be con.

Part 36
then the monster mashers shot the gold king But it turn him into two rocks. and they got on a Boat. and they went home to N.Y.

ho,ha,ho. But when they got home the Big monster was wateing
to Be contenued.

Part 37
then the monster turned into two monsters.. But they were still very Big! and they all shot them But one monster was stronger and Did not Die the other one Did Die. the stronger one caout

Leeroy, and sincetestoo. But mark got away to call for help and called his friend, bobert and mask and they came with monster traps and Mark even called the gohst Busters.
to Be con.'t.

part 38
then all the freind of mark and Goast Busters. went in a robot and the robot freed Leeroy, and scientestoo

then they all started to fight the Big monster and the Big monster got all of them and put them put them on an volcano in a cage and the volcano was urpetping
to be contenued

part 39
then the volcano uruped and almost got them. Leeroy used his Ice cream BomB and cooled of the Lava. then all of them took the robot Back to the Big monster

then all the peple went in, or on the robot and shot the monster
to be contenued

Part 40
then a whirlwind came there and took them to the magic groud in the forest and the way to monster land was still there

and the way to the monster world was still there. the robot shoot the monster. and the monstr broke the robot in 1,000,000 pieces. But Mark, scintestoo, and Leeroy got out.
to be contenued

part 41 (the finel part!)
then the way hole went crazy and took part of the forest to the monster land

and in the monster world the Big monster got smaller soon it was the same size as a tree. and then the hole was disapering then qiuely Leeroy shoot the monster, and Mark, and scientestoo got in teh hole then Leeroy jumped in the hole just before it was going to close! and the monster was traped in the monster land!

The End
to be contenued
But that is antoher story.


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