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(00:46:23) evajolli: was al gore a president or somethin
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warning, videos have profanity

i like them though, they're well-written and (this may be strange to say, and other people would not feel the same way) very "artistic"/meditative in that they make you think about everyone in the world, and how so many lives and everyday occurances aren't very exceptional but still amazing, just because they're everyday lives. how something or someone being common doesn't make it any less special.
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forgive the eva speak but i thought this was funny

(20:34:58) :):) eva jolli :):): "i hav to look like im having fun doing what i do or else im not doing my job" [-cliffyb]
(20:35:14) :):) eva jolli :):): :
(20:38:15) Paul: what he mean
(20:38:23) :):) eva jolli :):): his job
(20:38:29) Paul: i thought his job
(20:38:31) :):) eva jolli :):): he has to be role model
(20:38:31) Paul: to mak gams
(20:38:42) :):) eva jolli :):): so peopl want to mak gams too
(20:38:47) Paul: o
(20:38:52) Paul: that seem like lying though
(20:38:55) Paul: what if he has bad mood
(20:38:58) Paul: and pretend to be happy
(20:39:03) :):) eva jolli :):): if u can pretend to be happy. u happy
(20:39:06) Paul: o
(20:39:08) Paul: maybe
(20:39:16) Paul: then y u not pretend not to be bord
(20:39:18) Paul: so u dont be bord
(20:39:22) :):) eva jolli :):): cos that doesnt work
(20:39:23) :):) eva jolli :):): :
(20:39:24) Paul: y
(20:39:29) Paul: y it work for happy
(20:39:31) Paul: and not work for bord
(20:39:38) :):) eva jolli :):): :
(20:39:40) :):) eva jolli :):): idk
(20:39:43) :):) eva jolli :):): it just way of life
(20:39:47) Paul: :
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in a weird attempt to combat child pornography australia has banned all adult pictures or videos of women with small breasts (size a cup)


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