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i haven't posted an entry about this because i don't like 'complaint' entries but i may as well document my current ill-health

about 6 weeks ago, all of a sudden, i started having intense soft-tissue pain upon waking: simply standing on the floor would hurt my feet, or holding something would hurt my hand/arm; it felt as if my body were bruised all over. but after an hour or so of moving around, it'd go away almost completely. it kind of perplexed me (and still does), but i thought it was just possibly exercise pains (since i had exercised the day before, although not that intensely).

but it continued on for weeks, each morning the same intense pain, each time going away eventually. so i then suspected it was rheumatism or fibromyalgia or something, or related to arthritis (which i also have and which causes joint pain in the mornings sometimes for me).

a few weeks in, i noticed it started happening even if i would stay in place for a few hours, rather than only upon waking in the morning: not moving my legs for about an hour would cause them to hurt when i moved them, but if i kept them in motion by getting up and walking around every 15 minutes or something they'd be fine. this is pretty strange behavior and i've never heard of a disease like this.

over time it seems to have changed slightly: it's no longer as intensely painful in the morning, but instead it's more generally painful all throughout the day (lower extremes, but longer duration). i actually prefer the old way, it's more comfortable to be fine most of the day and in great pain in the morning than to average it out across the whole day.

my sister also reports something similar (although i don't know how similar) and since i live with her we suspect it could be some type of infection. but she doesn't seem to be as affected by it as i am -- she doesn't have any problems walking due to it for instance, whereas i do. EDIT: see the first comment below for her response

so i thought i'd post it in the off chance that anyone here has an idea what it is.


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