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it's come to my attention that some people still read this and are awaiting updates! sorry, it's been too long. here are some quick updates:

- in preparation for saturated dreamers' release, i've been learning to paint watercolor for the cutscene illustrations. the cutscene illustrations and writing/editing the second draft of the dialogue (the first draft is done) are all that remain before release (also some playtesting/bug-fixing).

- i've also been working on the re-release of immortal defense on steam. it should be out on a few months.

for those who want updates more often, i tend to use facebook and twitter more often now:

https://www.facebook.com/paul.eres -- feel free to friend me if you want, but my posts are public there regardless
https://twitter.com/rinkuhero -- less used, but still more often used than my LJ
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for those of you with a steam account who are familiar with immortal defense, please vote so that it can get onto steam:


if it gets enough positive votes there it would reach a much larger audience
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a fan translated the immortal defense manual into japanese (onigiriceball)

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a recent post by [livejournal.com profile] newedition gave me the idea that i should post more of the nice things people say about my games.

here are some recent comments on immortal defense (both written yesterday, in fact):

"It’s one of the best games ever made. [...] The mechanics are subtle and directly feed back to the story, which runs on two levels. There’s the perfectly tuned, abstracted gamespace-as-metaphor then it pops the player out to say what she REALLY did. Never before had a game whipsawed me from elation at a hard won success to horror seeing the results of my actions. Over and over again: you want to keep playing the beautiful game but the results creep from uh-oh to do I really want to destroy the universe with more gamer success?"

"The story is… something you really have to see through to the end to fully appreciate, and the game is immense. Beautiful sound, too, all tinkling glass and breaking crystal. It’s a hard game, but well worth the investment even if you find yourself stuck. Most people will push through, I think, to find out what happens…"

via http://tap-repeatedly.com/2011/01/23/hm-and-i-talk-immortal-defense/
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new interview about immortal defense there
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long entry, work in progress, but here's the timeline of the first two months of immortal defense's development, with pics

Read more... )
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(21:51:34) [person messaging me randomly on IM]: Hello,
with the full version of Immortal Defense, I was finally able to play it through.
Without exaggerating, I can't thank you enough for one of the best game play experiences I had in the last few years.
My most sincere congratulations to you and your crew.
(22:06:24) Rinku: :)
(22:06:26) Rinku: thanks

i get these surprisingly often considering how few people have bought or heard of the game, it's kind of amazing

also i was playing starcraft 2 a few weeks ago and someone recognized my name and started talking about how much they love immortal defense

scary :D
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immortal defense is gonna be in a movie (an indie one, but still a movie)
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immortal defense now on stardock/impulse; will see how it goes. maybe i should email steam again.
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- made one new area
- gave ember flies a flashing effect if you get too close (which hides much of the screen in light)
- fixed bug in memory cell meter
- slightly changes appearance in memory cell meter
- made another five areas

today podunk played through the first campaign of immortal defense live on livestream while about 10 or so people watched; was fun to watch him play and give him hints and such. he made funny voices as he spoke the script for us.
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another review of immortal defense -- that site's shtick seems to be that they review the "first hour" of a game

they even made an hd video of the game (the first hd video of the game on youtube)

correction: ortoslon's video was the first hd video of ID on youtube
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(03:51:14) Rinku: i just noticed ID on amazon.com (through reflexive)
(03:51:15) Rinku: http://www.amazon.com/Immortal-Defense-Game-Download-Pc/dp/B002UNMNZU/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=videogames&qid=1263459062&sr=1-1

it's kind of funny seeing my game on amazon.com

if anyone shops on amazon.com and owns the game, feel free to review it for that site, and rate it and such -- might always help sales
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another review of ID: http://www.wurb.com/stack/archives/671

there are probably a few more i missed


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